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Access Limits

You can configure access restrictions for each video and livestream.

Restrict access to given Referrers, Countries or Tokens. Or a combination of all.

Tokens can be used to implement Pay Per View solutions using the API.

A token can be configured to grant access during a given timeframe, start day, end day or all the time.

Facebook Stream Embedding

InaCDN provides Open Graph Embedd URI's which can be used to embedd a video or a livestream for direct playback on facebook.

Just post the Facebook Embedd Link to your timeline or a comment and users can watch the stream directly on facebook


The Statistic Links let you choose to get normal line charts with bandwidth, unique visitors and impressions.

In addition you can display a worldmap for unique visitors or bandwidth, on both videos and livestreams.

If you like to crunch some numbers yourself you can export statistics for videos and livestreams as json files

The json exported stats also contain user agents, referrer, timing informations and much more.

Adaptive Bitrate Livestreams

You can purchase a optional Multi Bitrate Slot in the Dashboard (30$ / Month).

MBR Slots can be used to ingest one high quality stream from your encoder while our origin servers crunch the stream down to two additional bitrates.

Then you can use true adaptive bitrate switching for livestreams, all streams are key-frame aligned and we deliver proper multi bitrate playlists


Activate the Whitelabel Add-On to use your own domain. Whitelabel allows you to rebrand the dashboard, add own sub accounts and more.

Credits purchased by your sub accounts are directly credited to your PayPal Account, you can set your own invoice and TAX details (as example you can set the tax rate, and that tax only applies in given countries, or no tax at all)

Configure your own bandwidth and Add-On Pricing, E-Mail Footers and much more.

Control your users in your own user management.

Unlimited Storage and Free Encoding

We do not charge for storage, use as much disk space for your video on demands as you want.

You can choose if you want to upload your videos without further processing (RAW Upload) or if you would like us to encode your upload to 3 additional bitrates

If you upload a video for encoding we try to deliver a 360p, 480p and 720p version of your file for adaptive video on demand streaming. So if you upload 1080p, you have 4 qualities covered

Upload is also possible via FTP for both modes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. InaCDN supports all major output formats. HLS, SmoothStreaming, Dash, RTMP, RTSP, Adobe Dynamic Streaming and (for VOD) Pseudo HTTP streaming. The embedded player by default uses HLS with RTSP Fallback (for Android Devices) and works with the majority of mobile phones and tablets.
Yes. InaCDN supports the following access limitations for VOD and Live
  • GEO Location Lock
  • Referrer Protection (when using your own player)
  • Tokens
  • a combination of all 3 is possible
Yes. Recording is available as optional Add-On. A Recording Slot per stream can be purchased on the dashboard for 10 $ / Month, with or without auto-renewal.
Yes. Multi Bitrate Encoding to two additional qualities (which you can configure) is available as optional Add-On for 40 $ / Month, with or without auto-renewal. This means you can stream your 1080p source and our origin will crunch it down to two additional resolution/bitrates. For MBR streams we delivery Adaptive Bitrate Playlists for HLS, SmoothStreaming and Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming
Yes. There is no need to buy exactly 1 Terabyte. You can choose yourself how many credits you want to convert. If you only charge 5 $ to your account, you can also buy traffic for 5 $ (5 $ = 200GB)
InaCDN uses Paypal for all transactions. If paypal is not available for you, we also accept Wire Transfer (contact support for wire transfer deposit)
Yes. Everyone can purchase the Whitelabel Add-On within the Dashboard (10 $ / Month). This allows the use of own Domainnames, the branding of the Dashboard and you can create your own users with your own pricing scheme. Purchases of your own users are deposited right away into your own paypal account.
We offer global Bandwidth Stats and you can view Geo, Traffic and Visitor Stats on each Video and Livestream Detailpage. If a Livestream is aired, you can also list all connected clients and retrieve IP Adress, Referrer, Country and so on. You can also export all statistics in json for your own processing.
Of Course. You can use a full fledged json rest API to upload videos, create streams, retrieve statistics, control whitelabeling and much more.
No. You can control yourself how many amounts you want to charge on your account, they do not expire. You can convert credits to bandwidth and activate Add-Ons.

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